I'm a Migraine Suffer

Im 43 years old and having been having Chronic Migraines since 2007. I don't get the usual migraines as it seems as most people do. I can be in a migraine episode for a month at a time. In the beginning they would be harsh pulsating pain in the back of my head. I found out my triggers were the weather, lighting, and smells and loud noises.

Unfortunately, I work for a healthcare insurance company in a call center setting,  and have been since August of 2007. When they seem to have started in October 2007 and was diagnosed. Since then my migraines have changed especially this year. Weather has been my number one trigger with where I live in Missouri. If the weather changes drastically my migraines get worse. The pain is unbearable at times I have to lay down and take the medications.

This year though it started getting worse I would have sharp shooting pains that would start at the back of my head and move. On top of that have noticed like bumps on back of my head and also getting bumps on the corners of my forehead. Then started as of Oct 2013, I have been starting to have black outs at least once a month. It would only last from 3-5 mins. at a time. Where I would lose time. Hardest part is that I have been having them at work. Which causes me problems. Im still waiting to hear from doctor and currently waiting to hear back on the results. I have tried almost every migraine medication out there still have not had any relief. Hoping soon to find the answers.

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