....and more medication

Has anyone ever tried Divalproex for migraines? This is coming after Topamax and Memantine have severely messed with my digestive tract but I have yet to get relief from this migraine. Yes, I am on Aimovig and Botox and I take Butalbital, this sucks in so many ways until Sunday.

Whats a girl gotta do to get some relief around these parts? Getting to the point and beyond frustrated geesh. I have an appointment to see a Migraine Specialist Sept 5th (No thats not a typo) I am excited to see what they have to offer in the form of a solution. The down side to it is the appointment is so far away ugh just leaves me feeling numb. Hoping someone cancels between now and then so I can slide into their slot (crosss your fingers and toes) Meanwhile back at heartbreak ridge aka my poor wittle cranium this migraine is causing havoc on my state of well being. I just really needed to vent at this point. And I know the collective of you can relate to my pain. Just need to see the rainbow without having to cover my eyes from the bright colors...sigh. And so it continues.

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