Is it a Migraine or ongoing headach

Hi, I've been having migraines without aura for almost a year now but I don't have a typical cycle of a migraine. Instead, I wake up with a headache and I have it for the entire day then I go to sleep. And it repeats ever day for almost a year now. Some days I get spikes in pain to where I'm crying then it wears down to my usual pain level of a 3 or 4 out the 10 pain scale. Other days I'm hiding in one of the interior rooms until the sun goes down. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it will be bad or not. But I know that if I have a bad day then the next day will also be bad. My doctor says it is a migraine because of how often I'm having pain but I'm not sure. My family is amazing with helping me deal with it but I just don't know what to do other than hope the next medication I try works better.

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