Is it worth it?

6 am, alarm clock goes off you roll over and get out of bed. It's going to be a long day, you already have the start of a migraine. Your face is warm your hands are cold, there's a slight ringing in your ear and tingling on the left side of your head. It's only a matter of time until the throbing and pounding begin. You start by taking your relief medication. Then in the shower, gotta pay the bills let alone the RX/medical coverage for all the doctor and ER visits. By time your out of the shower the nausea sets in, you take another medication for that.

Then it hits, the excruciating throbing make you curl in a ball pounding pain. You do your hair anyways and get dressed, by this point you're debating if you'll be able to make a full day of work. I already missed one day this week. Will I be useful? Will my team understand? How can I put my career in jeopardy? So you get in your car, you go to work and put on a smile through all of the pain no one understands, except other migrainures. Even when you can't see strait or even when you know someone's perfume will drive you strait to the ER.

Each day becomes more difficult and yet each day I hope and pray for the right combination of meds or better yet a cure! Each day I'm asked if I tried this or drank that... each day I have to ask myself, is it worth it?

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