It's getting old

My path of migraines started when I was around 25.

I thought they were just hormonal, but then when I grew older and was having them 3 a month they became more intense and the average Advil wouldn't take them away.

By the time I was over menopause I just figured something had to be wrong, they still weren't leaving me. In fact they were coming more and nothing seemed to work over the counter. In 2005 I went in for my first MRI and they found the arteries were narrowing and that could be causing them. I then started taking imitrex it was a miracle it worked and stopped most of them if caught in time. I have been on imitrex for 8 years now, and it still works but the headaches are coming everyday now, and I have now got high blood pressure and the other day at the dr's office he heard sounds in my carotid arteries.

I'm still waiting for the results of those tests. Anymore the. Migraines have gotten worse in intensity. I can't stand smells, loud noises, lights, and stress of any kind.

Have never been able to narrow it down to food. I Am just miserable lately. What do I do.

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