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Hi there,

I am twenty seven years old and I have been suffering from migraines since the age of sixteen. I can remember most of my migraines, they generally play out in the same way. It starts with a slight pinch above my right eye and slowly spreads out, increasing to a burning and throbbing pain all the way around my eye and to the back of the right side of my head and upper neck. The pain becomes so intense that any physical movement will anger it.

The right side of my face tingles and\or goes numb. As well, I experience a strong repulsion to any light or sound whatsoever. I feel nauseous and sometimes throw up. I try everything in my power to make myself as comfortable as possible until it fades away. I lay in a dark, soundless room, place a cold cloth over my eyes, focus on my breathing and try to slow everything down and of course medicate.

To try and explain how I feel when I have a migraine to someone who has never experienced is like telling someone about the weird dream you had last night. They don't understand because they "had to be there" and it doesn't matter as much to them because it's not happening to them. I can only try and express the feeling of what it is like the moment the pain is gone. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it now. Heaven. I feel alive, sane, normal and happy. It's an overwhelming feeling. That is not to say that I do not remain somewhat paranoid and nervous wondering when it will all come back and I will have to deal with the ordeal all over again. I would gladly have my "migraine hangover" for a few days than experience a death migraine from hell, any day!

I am in the beginning of week 3 of my migraine hell. I get them twice a year like this and when they come, they stay for weeks. On and off, day or night and I never know when or how badly to expect it. I carry Advil and Naproxen with me at all times. I am hoping to find new ways to deal with my migraines. Reading what I have on this site has already been somewhat comforting, so thank you. Good luck to you and good luck to me.


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