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A Journey

One day 12-15 years ago I was on the phone with my older sister and she was saying that she had a migraine and she was looking to get some prescription meds for it. "You get migraines?" I asked. "Yes, for years." was the answer. "Describe them," I said. That was when I found out that I had migraines. I went to the doctor and just began to explain my symptoms and was interrupted. "Oh yeah, those are migraines." DUH! All those years I suffered and did not realize I could have been helped.

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I now take Topiramate as a preventative and Imitrex when the migraine comes regardless. It really helps. Also lately discovered I must stay away from beer. That was not always true but it is now. I've know for years that exercise helps prevent them.

My migraines have evolved. But I'm more on top of them now than ever before and hence feel better than ever. There is hope.

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