Migraine Journey

I have had migraines my entire life. When I see was young they thought that the migraines were caused by my long thick hair. So each summer I got my hair thinned. Still had migraines, cut my hair short, still had migraines. Took aspirin and Tylenol and went to bed when headaches hit.
I had a severe attack of extreme eye pain that doubled me over 6 years ago, chronic unrelieved pain since then. Many doctor appointments around work schedules and many days of missing out on life.

Coping with migraine symptoms

I found TheraSpecs and they helped me to keep navigating thru my days. I use an ice hat to also help when my meds are used up for the month. I also use positive thoughts and yoga when I am able. My faith in God keeps me grounded but there are days when I feel despondent. I lost my full time job during the covid and have been worried about finding work again because I wear dark tinted prescription glasses, TheraSpecs when in bright light settings, and hats.

I just accepted a contract recruiter position working from home and will begin next week. Migraine warriors, we can win sometimes too.

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