Journey with severe migraines

Well my story starts about 12 years ago. I suffer from severe migraines. I was in a severe car accident 12 years ago, but I don't know if that it is the cause of my migraines or not. About 6 months after the accident is when the migraines started getting really severe. I have been to several neurologists and even went to the Diamond Headache Clinic, but no one knows why I suffer from migraines.

I have been on several different medications and even got addicted to oxycontin and had to be detoxed from it. Every since the first of May I have had some sort of Migraine. Right now my preventive medications are Namenda, Verapamil, and Zanaflex. When I get a migraine I take Tramadol, Treximet or Vicodin. Also right now I'm on 20 different medications. Also, I've been hospitalized several times for my migraines.

Right now I'm unemployed because there is no way I could work with these migraines. I get periods where I get very depressed and emotional from having migraines all the time. I'm getting really desperate for help.

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