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Katie asked me to post something here that I shared as a comment to her "Images of an Invisible Illness" post. In 2010, I was finally correctly diagnosed with chronic migraine after my 20 years of "chronic sinusitis" became one long, unrelenting headache. I am happy to report that over the past year I have been in treatment with a specialist at Jefferson University Headache Center and am in much better shape, and a very recent addition of thyroid medication has made a HUGE difference!

That being said, I'd like to share two pieces I wrote as a challenge for Five Minute Friday on another blog. The challenge was to write, unedited, for five minutes on a given word. The first is Paint. The second is Ache. I hope you enjoy them. Maybe you'll find some of your own inspiration. You don't need much time to let out some art.
PS Elizabeth, forgive me for not responding to your "Migraine as Art" post. I was not well at the time:(

Five Minutes – Paint

It is spring and, oh, how I wish I could paint! With colors or words I’d like to spread the wonder of nature! Maybe April is National Poetry Month because I am not the only one who feels this way? So, my feeble attempt at “painting” is this…
Cherry blossoms sprinkled on the surface of the Tidal Basin cannot properly be described in words, so I move on to the joy of a family gathering in this historic and beautiful place…
Again, neither the selfies nor these feeble words can capture the steadfast love I have for these women. As we traipse through the throngs of people who have come to capture the moment of cherry blossom perfection, which is marred by the presence of said throngs, it becomes obvious that there is a need to gather to celebrate this beauty. Though our gathering mars the beauty, it also, finally, testifies to it. It is not just I who glory in the petals as they rain down on our picnic spread! I am validated by the masses who have gathered with us.
Is there anything more beautiful in the natural world than cherry blossoms??? In the moment, only human wonder comes close. Over a lifetime? Only love.
And so I have strayed so far from my given topic, that I feel I have failed. How gauche my words are, and how tacky that is as a “paint” reference;)

Five Minutes - Ache

That deep thrumming…no, thrumming sounds too musical…and aching just hurts. It needs rubbing and warmth. Maybe some ice, but , oh, how an ache yearns for warmth. Ache. It’s what ails many of us. It just doesn’t feel good. Not that critical, can’t ignore, sharp “OUCH!” but that “whenever I stop it is there” hurt. Rumbling. That is a better word. Droning. Relentless. No ups or downs, just downs and downers. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain ever, how would you rate your pain? Ow. Ow. Ow. Just won’t go away. And now I have to give it a number??? Pretty darn. Enough.
Can you help? Rub it gently. Massage it. Deeper, but don’t make me cry. Well, maybe just a little. Ouch, that hurts, but somehow that is making it better.
Sometimes our aching needs time to heal. Sometimes our aching needs a crutch. Sometimes our aching needs a hand to hold. And sometimes our aching needs to be pressed and manipulated – the knots worked out. And somehow, the bruised tenderness afterward hurts, but doesn’t ache … not that deep rumbling . Working at it sometimes brings it up from the depths to where it can heal.

Be well, community!

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