I know you just told me this... but...

Another story? Another story!

Okay, the most embarrassing thing about migraines hands down is the memory issues. I can't remember people's names anymore. I often find myself saying, "I remember you, and I know you told me your name, but I can't remember it." I forget things constantly. At first I thought it was just from the rebound headaches, but apparently it's not.

It's worse when I have a migraine. I honestly can't remember anything during my attacks (part of the reason why I do most of my writing on here during an attack). But what's worse is when I don't have a full-blown migraine. When I'm dealing with prodrome or postdrome and forget things. You tell me your name yesterday? Well I had a migraine today, so I'm going to ask you again in two days because I completely forgot!

I try to tell friends and family, and responses are infuriating. All I get is, "Well, you better remember people's names! It looks like you don't care if you don't remember!" I just want a sympathetic response, some advice about remembering these things, or SOMETHING! Just not an overly critical reply. I'm trying. I've never been bad with remembering things before. I'm just bad at it NOW! I'm not used to this world.

What's worse is I LIKE to learn. I told to people about new ideas. I take online classes to learn new skills. I like asking people about their opinions to gain a new outlook on matters. But I can't be that person anymore. If I don't zone out (another annoying symptom) then I forget! What's the point in being an academic if you can't learn anything?

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