You Know You're a Migraine Sufferer If...

Last night I opened my gym back and saw an opened medication sleeve for Relpax. I have these used med packs all over my house - in purses, my car, pants pockets. It's a constant reminder of how often I suffer from migraines. You Know You're a Migraine Sufferer popped into my head.

You Know You're a Migraine Sufferer If:
1. you never go anywhere without your migraine medication
2. you constantly check the weather report for drastic changes in the weather
3. you weigh whether or not that cocktail is worth a migraine
4. you leave plans until the last minute because you're never sure if you'll be well enough to make it
5. you always carry sunglasses
6. you are always drinking water
7. you have a go-to cure for nausea (mine is salty french fries)
8. you hold your breath when you smell strong perfume or cologne
9. you save one day a week for complete downtime
10. you have dishes piled up in your sink because you have to decide where to use the energy you have
11. the first thing your friends ask you is 'how are your migraines' (God bless my friends)
12. you always have an ice pack ready to go
13. you know when you wake up with a droopy eye, it's going to be a rough day
14. you know when you start to yawn way more than normal, it's time to have your medication ready to go
15. summers suck for your head
16. your head can predict weather better than a meteorologist
17. you know that a dot of light that won't go away when you close your eyes means get to a safe place before an aura causes you to lose your eyesight
18. you know certain foods may cause a migraine, but that still doesn't stop you from sometimes having chocolate cake :)
19. you've tried every crazy thing someone has suggested that worked for them to stave off migraines (including wearing frozen socks)
20. you're adept at calmly listening to random people telling you to have more sex because surely that's the reason your having migraines
21. you've learned by sharing when you have a migraine, that lots of other people suffer from health issues and they feel more free to open up once you do
22. when you can't remember your own address or phone number, it's time to have your medication ready to go
23. you've learned how to fake looking like you're well
24. you take the subway or other public transportation to work because you're often too dizzy or nauseous to drive
25. when your neck feels like it won't crack, it's time to get out your medication
26. you've come to accept that certain people you love will always think that you're exaggerating
27. you KNOW that magnesium helps migraines (please stop telling me this, random people)
28. you can calmly listen to people tell you what cured their migraines without pointing out what they just described sounded like a headache and not a migraine
29. you know that a migraine is a neurological event not just a headache
30. you visit a new neurologist and have already tried everything they suggest
31. your migraines have caused you to deepen your faith
32. you know there's no cure for migraines, but that doesn't keep you from looking for something to lessen them
33. your diet is more restrictive than someone with severe food allergies
34. you've had to cut back on working out because it's a trigger
35. you can calmly listen people telling you that working out is great for migraines
36. you've gotten to a place where you're okay giving your body all the rest it needs
37. you are extremely grateful on your 'good' days
38. you no longer care (that much) about how your hair looks or what you are wearing or what anyone thinks of you
39. you do what you can when you are able and are working on having peace with all the things your are not able to do with migraines
40. you've developed enhanced compassion, knowing that you can never tell if a person is suffering just by looking at them

I could probably keep going, but I'd love to hear other people's list :)

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