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I am 45 and I have suffered with migraine headaches since I was 36. I have seen many specialists and have had numerous MRI’s to no avail. I am was in job in which 12 hrs has to be covered. However, with the sick days (there aren’t any allowed) accruing I had to change professions. It was at this time I promised myself that at 40 I would find help, if only to manage the pain. An accident busting up my L2, L4 & T6 left me with a 2" splinter & bone spurs logged in between my discs. Three years later I was up to three, 10 mg Norco and 3 muscle relaxers a day. However, my system wanted even more in order to successfully relieve the pain and I started running out. Quickly realizing I was “hooked” on prescription meds, my life was on the bottom of a spiral. I was immobilized, three sleepless night in a row and nauseously aching/shaking all over as I researched for immediate help and legally ordered my first Kratom. I was normalized two hours later with a clear head/thinking and at a pain-free level that I had not had in years! Within three days I was past the narcotic withdrawal symptoms from the Norco and able to accomplish daily tasks.

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