Lack of Tolerance for Cancellations

I have had the two vaccinations plus the booster for COVID-19. I found that they affected my migraine headaches, sadly for the worse.

My closest friends understand that my vestibular migraines can strike at any moment and can last from a day up to a week. Most times I find myself bedridden with lights off and no noise.

When I make plans, for say a lunch, with people that don't know me or my medical condition so well, I prefer to do that with at least two other people. That way, if I need to cancel last minute due to a migraine attack, at least they won't be totally alone.

Recently I heard back that one woman, who I've sadly had to cancel on a couple of times, due to migraines, stated, "She always cancels. I don't really understand why!" If one has never experienced the pain of a migraine, I guess we must expect a lack of understanding?

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