Last updated: July 2021

Sometimes I find it hard to separate who I am from my migraines. Of course, I am more than just my migraines - but, at this point in my life, with as much of my life that has been spent in pain due to this chronic condition, and given that migraine is like a dark cloud looming on the horizon of every day of my life, I've accepted the fact that migraine is part of who I am. Acceptance is the first step. Right?

My first experience with migraine

One of my earliest memories is about having a migraine. I must have been around 3 or almost 4. It was confusing and scary. It was painful and I didn't understand why it was happening. And the nausea was so bad I prayed to vomit, but I couldn't. I was sick for more than a day with it. Flashing strobe lights probably triggered it according to my mom (also a migraineur, and her mother also suffered with migraines - thanks, genetics!) Too bad doctors didn't take me seriously as a child though.

Learning to accept my life

I am nearly 43 now. And the migraines never stopped. And they just got worse. And they just got more frequent. And I've tried countless remedies and medications and doctors. And I keep hoping and praying for a cure. And I've accepted that migraines are part of my reality. And I keep reminding myself that I am more than my migraines. I won't let my chronic pain define who I am, and neither should you.

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