So Many Things I Would Have Done...

I've been a migraine sufferer since my early 20s. My mother had terrible ones so I believe I inherited them from her. I didn't understand why she spent so much time in the dark with these "sick headaches" Now I know all too well!

Migraine impacts every area of life

Migraines have interfered with so much of my life. They have ruined so many special days and even affected my relationships when people could not understand what I was going through. I have lost jobs and other opportunities to better my life. I am on disability now and have been since the 90s. The attacks are horrible and leave me weak and drained.

I have spent so many times with the shades drawn missing beautiful sunny days and praying for the night to come soon and that whatever means I have taken will give me rest and relief when it does. I have tried everything. Some day I hope that we will see a cure to this terrible malady so that all sufferers may lead much more fulfilling and happy lives.

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