Migraine: A Lifetime Journey

I am a grandfather,76 yrs old. I have suffered from childhood with chronic head pains, my parents and doctor had no clue to what was the matter with me, from growing pains to epilepsy is how they described it.

Years later when learning more about it, medics have not moved forward in development. I know the pain is awful but I would say more importance has been on finding a cure for the pain rather than finding out what causes it. You can imagine I know a little about the subject after all these years.

Getting to 6 or 7 years old I started suffering with Alice in wonderland syndrome, this is so close to what Migraine is that most youngsters go on to develop full Migraines with aura at about 11yrs old, they are close but symptoms are slightly different, you get a feeling of drifting away and then towards reality and scenes you are looking at, other symptom is looking down at your arm or feet they appear larger and then smaller than what is real,

Usually at puberty things change into Migraines, with symptoms we know today. I also had numb arms and legs a numb mouth and incoherent speech, lying down no medication because of sickness and diahraea, riding out the storm for at least 12 hours

Leaving symptoms behind, at age 53 I was put on serotonin re uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) these made a tremendous difference to me, after 3 months the Migraines had all but stopped, going from one a week to one a year with never the same intensity.

Having taken serotonin now for 23 yrs, I have heard that the latest findings are that only half the problem is being cured , you need the other half Gabba to sort out, I am optimistic about these findings and have made an appointment for doctors for him to refer me. An update to come

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