A Lifetime with the Monster

Last updated: June 2021

I remember my first migraine at age nine. I had an accident at school and fell face-first off a jungle gym onto a concrete pad and seeing only half of the people's faces then temporary blindness. From that point on to age 49, I have had chronic migraine. I made it through college, got my teaching degree but have never really been able to use that degree.

Disability & alternative treatment

I am now disabled. I've tried everything on the market, I get so excited to try something new, either it works once then never again or my insurance won't pay for it so I try using a lot of herbal remedies (no pot, it makes it worse for me). But vitamins, watching what I eat, and limit my stress as best I can.

Grateful for family

I have a very supportive family that I wouldn't change for the world! However, I would give anything to be pain-free, to be able to work, and be there for everything for my son.

I know my story sounds like many of you and I'm so happy I found this site and no longer feel so alone! If we stick together, we can beat this!

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