Lifetime of Migraines

I have experienced the pain of "headaches" since I was a child. My "full blown" migraines began at the age of 18 with ALL the symptoms common to aura and the throbbing pain that only other sufferers know. My migraines now occur almost daily. I also suffer constant neck pain with occipital nerve problems. I have seen numerous doctors, neuros, chiropractors, therapists, pain management Drs, on ,on , and on. I have had every test, scan and medication known to all these doctors, NO results or relief.

My migraines have progressively gotten worse during the years until at the age of 44 I was forced to quit work because of migraines. My life now consists of meds and bed. I sometimes feel that no-one understands the pain and other "things" that I deal with daily. It consumes my life and hinders a normal relationship with my family and friends. It seems so hopeless at times.

I have worked hard on recognizing my triggers and avoiding them. Some however, are not avoidable such as weather. I try to watch for low pressures approaching our area to plan my activities before it arrives. I completely avoid certain restaurants because of MSG. I do not fuel my own vehicle because fuel smells drive me insane with pain. I seldom drive because of the vision effects I experience. My migraines dictate my lifestyle and my family's life.

One positive in my life is my family especially my supportive husband. He can see a headache sometimes before I do. He insists I take my meds at the earliest signs and lovingly deals with the effects of the headaches and the meds. He goes to 99% of my doctor appointments and is my advocate at the ER.

Unfortunately these horrible "things" seem to be hereditary. My father suffers from migraines, not as intense as mine but migraines, my daughter and son also suffer with migraines. It breaks my heart when I think that they too suffer as I do, knowing that they inherited this "gene" from me. My daughter seems to have more intense headaches with more aura symptoms than my son. She has also shared a lot of the same female patterns as myself, which leads me to believe that some migraines are hormone related.

I am so pleased to hear more celebrities speaking out concerning their own migraine experiences. Migraine sufferers have too long been labeled as drug seekers. I used to get so upset when people couldn't understand why a "headache" could stop me in my tracks, but I have learned unless you suffer migraines you have NO idea what headache pain is all about. Migraines should never be categorized as a headache, they are SO much more. I hope as more people speak up more dollars and research will result in a "cure".

I have been so encouraged by the other stories I have read on I now know I am not the only one out here, others do know how I feel.

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