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Well I have suffered from migraines nearly my entire life. The doctors have no idea what causes my migraines and since they dont know what causes them, they will not even give me medicines to help relieve them.

When my migraines hit they are horrifying. I get sick to my stomach, dizzy, light and sound are just killers. only thing that seems to help at all is to go to bedroom, make it as dark and quiet as possible, put an ice pack on the back of my head near my shoulders and one on my forehead. The scariest migraines are the ones where it feels like there is fluid or something (feels like bubbles) going from my brain down my spinal cord. When i ask doctors about that symptom they basically say its from pressure, well what is causing the pressure and what can we do about it to keep it from happening? Nothing i take relieves the migraines.

Only thing that sort of takes the pain away is Excedrin migraine but it only dulls the pain a little. It totally sucks when you can NOT get out of bed and live a normal life.

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