Lingering Symptoms

I have had ocular migraine for approximately two years. All the classic symptoms without any severe headache.

My right side

Eleven days ago I experienced numbness and tingling in my right hand, lower arm, and right side of my face. I had an MRI to rule out stroke which was all negative. I saw a neurologist on day six who told me this will go away in time, approximately days, weeks, or possibly longer. He seemed confident of his diagnosis.

Symptoms still lingering

The symptoms are "slightly" better, but, still awful. I was enrolled in online classes, working part-time, and was pretty active. Now I can barely type with my right hand and had to stop my classes, work, and I am now at home a lot. I drive locally only with the use of my left hand and limited use of my right. Has anyone experienced these long-term effects?

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