So being that i am a migraine sufferer, I have heard more than my fair share of ignorant comments. The one most recent that got my attention do to it's extreme closed-minded short-sightedness was, U DON'T LIVE A FULL LIFE DUE TO YOUR MIGRAINES. Um, really? Because from where I stand or lay depending on my migraine state, i can accomplish more from my bed than most can on an active day. It has been said and i love to repeat it, DO NOT CONFUSE ACTIVITY FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT.

From my migraine bed I have taught my three children compassion, empathy, the deep respect of medications and the need to use them strictly to doctors prescription, faith in God, faith in my strength, faith in their own strength, responsibility, self discipline (on those days when I say, make dinner for yourself, that they don't eat only candy or cereal but make a meal together, eat together, talk together & enjoy one another), too truly enjoy every moment you have with someone during this lifetime, NEVER EVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED, selflessness, patience, understanding.

Understanding that Mom might not be able to be at my concert tonight but i know she loves me and would be here if she could. Understanding that mom not being at my concert is ok because she loves me more than anything in this world, and I understand that she needs to take care of herself. That we all need to take care of ourselves.

I have taught them saving money for a rainy day and budgeting is a really good idea, especially when a migraine can shorten a paycheck by quite a bit.

And all the while I was in pain & busy teaching, I was learning. I've learned that my body is the only one I have. That i have limited changes I can make to my health migraine wise. I have accepted my body with all it's pros and cons. I truly love myself. I accept myself for who and what I am. I work on improving the things I do have control over. To know the difference of the things I do not control. The depth of my inner strength (and all migrainers know this). Pulling strength from places we didn't know we had to make it thru some of the most intense pain on the face of this earth. Strength to do everything from making it thru a day at work to crawling back to bed after throwing up for the 14 time.

Yes, I'd say my life is full. It might not be what non-chronic pain sufferers live, but it's all mine. I love my life. I am thankful for each day. The migraine-less ones and the migraine days. I am busy LIVING A FULL LIFE on either kind of day.

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