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One day at a time…

I had my first migraine at 23 (14 years ago), of course it being the first one I thought I had some kind of tumor and was dying. I was rushed to the ER, given a shot and passed out with in 20 minutes. I had no idea what a migraine was or how to avoid triggers, what meds to try or even to get a Dr especialy for my head.

As the years passed , I would get migraines a couple of times a year, was able to take some over the counter medicine and go to bed. I never mentioned them in Dr’s visits and I never felt as if I had “a disease”.. I just got headaches some times! Well that all changed drasticaly March 2010.. I had a horrible migraine that nothing was touching, had it for 3 days straight and knew I couldn’t take it any longer. I went to the ER, evaluated and admitted. That day seems to be the starting point of “my hell”… since that day my migraines, my treatment and my mental health have totaly deteriated.

In the last 13 months I have probably seen 10 different Dr’s, tried 7 different prevenatives and 10 different abortives. I have spent a week at a Migraine clinic, had 7 CT scans, 1 MRI and 2 surgical procedures (female) to slow this down. In the last Month the severity, length and frequency of my migraines have doubled. I have been in the hospital 2 seperate times for IV treatment and have had about 10 shots to abort migraines that I couldn’t get rid of at home.

I am currently not on any prevenatives simply because we can’t find anything that works and trying to give my body a rest. The only good news at this point is that I am on a waiting list for Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and I pray that they can help me. Surely I am not a lost cause and life is not meant to be wasted like this.


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  • Robbin Harder
    8 years ago

    I have had migraines for almost 10 years and also tried just about every preventative and abortive medication out there. In the last 6 weeks I have increased from 1-2 a month to 2-3 a week! I think such a drastic change is due to hormonal changes, but the doctor wouldn’t listen and tried to start me on a regimen that I have already tried! Hopefully you will not go through a similar experience. I wish you luck in finding relief!

  • Cynthia Thomas
    8 years ago

    Hi, Staci, I know how you feel. I was diagnosed in Jan 06 with cronic debilitatting migraines and they have just gotten worse n worse I have been on so many diff preventatives n the abortives they have me on no longer work, since I have been on them over 4 to 5 years n they won’t listen to me when I tell them that. I’m on my 8th stay in a headache clinic in chicago, not fun. There are days I want to just rip my head off. I had to quit my job because of them. I’m not much younger than you. It sux, you hold in n stay strong.


  • Rosa Sundquist
    8 years ago

    Staci, Don’t give up! I too walk in your shoes. Have had migraines since childhood, for the past 3 yrs. my headaches are chronic 8-10 average pain on a daily basis. I’ve tried any and all treatment most preventives make me so sick to my stomach as do narcotics.. I just had in patient lidocaine treatment for 2 weeks and for the first time in 3 yrs. I’ve had 7 days of pain levels at 4-5 for me that is a huge victory.. My neck shoulders feel much better, as does my scalp which I could not touch due to the allodynia. Sadly the preventive that was added after the above treatment does not agree with my stomach so back to square one.. I will continue to take the preventives I’ve been taking for a while.. I have migraine meds I can use via injections at home as well as meds. to help with the overwhelming nausea. I am currently scheduled to for an appt. at Jefferson Headache Treatment Center in October hopeful they will be able to help me.. Please note I have tried and continue to use alternative treatments, acupunture, acupressure, magnesium and regular visits to an Osteopath help me lots at times and not at all other times, gluten free diet and keep a journal so that I know my triggers…I do not use narcotics ever unless I’m hospitalized.. It is an endless battle. This disease is not only devasting for us but for our loved ones too, the financial stress is huge.. Hang in there you are not alone, I will pray for you to find relief soon. I hope you feel better real soon!

  • Margaret Stewart Vaughn
    8 years ago

    I have the same problem. I’ve had migraines for the last 18 months, tried over 2 dozen medicines, nothing works. How do you get on a list for the Mayo Clinic?

  • Sharon Schedewy Donelley
    8 years ago

    I feel for you as I have been the same for about 2 1/2 years they have been getting worse, at one stage I was getting them every 2 weeks for 3 days and would have to spent 1/2 day in hospital each time to control the vomitting.

  • Jean Oliver
    8 years ago

    Staci, I hope you get in to the Mayo clinic soon and get some relief!

  • Emily Collier Farmer
    8 years ago

    Thank you Jean for posting this maybe i can find some help with mine

  • Harriet Williams Berg
    8 years ago

    Staci, don’t give up, as Anne-Marie says. We will both pray for you. You are not alone. Mine go for days, also, and many times nothing seems to help, except sleep. Then as soon as I wake it is back again. I’m going to try botox next. Thinking of you with hope.

  • Susan Mueller-Bissell
    8 years ago

    I get migraines, too, and I know they can really get you down. I get headaches or migraines several times a week. I have never had your experience with your type of migraine, my heart goes out to you. I hope you soon find relief.

  • Deborah Wisehart Wilton
    8 years ago

    My migraines started about 12 yrs. ago. I treated what I thought to be a headache with ibuprofen which worked. The migraines got worse so I would take 4 ibuprofen to stop the migraines. One day, it just quit working and I began living my life in bed due to the pain. They started giving me vicodin, which was great and worked, while they tried different preventative medication. None of which worked. Then all they did was give me pain medicine and kept telling me I needed to get off of it. Well my migraines were everyday they said it was because I was addicted to the vicodin. So I weined off, but the pain came back. After a while, they’d give me pain medicine again, and I weined off of it only for the migraines to continue. Finally I asked my doctor to put me on something until I could get into Mayo Clinic (in MN). He put me on lortabs. Now I didn’t know that your body becomes accustomed to these meds and eventually you need more. Well, by the time I got in at Mayo Clinic, I was on 8-10 lortabs a day and was still in pain. The doctor put me on topamax and I was able to immediately cut the pain medication in half. The problem was that my memory went. My husband describes living with me like the movie “50 First Dates” and he is completely accurate. I’ve tried MANY medications and nothing works. I was on botox injections for several yrs. until my insurance stopped covering the doctors portion out of the blue and with no notification. Mayo clinic turned me over to collections and I’ve been dealing with my insurance for the past 1 1/2 yrs. Since I can’t afford the botox, my migraines have worsened and then I’ve had to deal with this bill issue, which supervisors from both places, Mayo Clinic and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI, have agreed that the bill problem doesn’t make sense. So, both places have caused me A LOT of stress, grief, crying, and severe depression because of this. In short they have actually made me have more migraines and made my fibromyalgia extremely painful. By the way, the bill that I owe is around $870.00. I think that’s the portion for the doctor’s bill. I’d like to know who fights for the little guy in this situation. As if my life hasn’t been a living hell without them. Anyway, today, I know that lack of sleep and stress are my biggest triggers. Inderal, imitrex injections (up to 6 in 3 weeks), pain medicine, and sleep are how I survive. I can’t be depended upon to clean, cook, do laundry, paint the house, etc. because it depends on if my IBS, fibro, or migraines are irritated. Living like this is something others don’t see nor understand. I’m forty yrs. old now and have missed a great deal of enjoying life. I’ve always dreamed of visiting NYC but it will probably never happen due to medical bills. We pay about $1400/mo. for insurance and $10,000 or more out of pocket for co-pays, deductibles, and medication. I just have to ask, does anyone out there care?

  • Tracey De Fries Knight
    8 years ago

    I’ve been getting migraines since I was eleven. This past year, it’s been almost constant since January. I sympathize with you completely.

  • Debbie Lukas
    8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story! You are not alone, I get migraines too. I was 20 years old when I had my first one and yes I could control them at first, but then it got to be so bad, I had to tell the doctor. I am 50 now, and still get them. I take Relpax and Treximet for my migraines. You should try those. Maybe something to try. Take care!

  • Anne-Marie Allen
    8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing and know that you are not alone…not by a long shot. Just don’t give up. I will say a prayer for you Staci – God Bless.

  • Dr. William Pawluk
    8 years ago

    Often times, drugs are not the answer. Have you looked into the FDA-approved Fisher-Wallace device? It is a cranial electrical stimulation device, nowhere near as expensive or potentially harmful as TMS or ECT. May be worth looking in to for your migraines.

  • sdavis author
    8 years ago

    Just an update to my story. I recently was placed on a waiting list for the first available appointment at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I spoke with the scheduling department and was given an appointment for April 28th… just 2 weeks away! Thank God! My job (boss) is saying I cant go because my boss has a vacation planned. I will be going no matter what.. I cant continue on this road anylonger, I have to have some help. Even though I have seen many Dr’s in the past none have been able to get my migraines under control.. I pray that Mayo will be the answer I need!

    Hope you all are having a pain free day!


  • sdavis author
    8 years ago

    Lynne… thank you for your reply. No I haven’t tried what you mentioned, I haven’t actualy even heard of it. I am going to do some research on it and educate myself. I will be asking my Dr about it. At this point I am ready to try anything.. well maybe not the occular injection I have been reading about but almost everything else! I hope you continue to feel much better!


    I am going to check out your blog…I really could use a laugh today! Thank you.

  • Lynne
    8 years ago

    Hi Staci,
    I’m new to this blog but posted a couple days ago regarding my treatments and what’s working for me. I feel so much for you as I too have spent many hours in emergency rooms and in bed with throbbing headaches. I know advice gets so tiring but I’m just wondering if you have tried bio-identical hormones (specifically Prometrium). I have had amazing results–in fact my life has totally changed for the better. I don’t worry about getting a headache every day and can actually live a normal life. I take it in combination with Propanolol.This seems to prevent the different types of migraines (hormonal related and other). Best of luck to you. I hope you find some relief soon.

  • RAD
    8 years ago

    I’m so sorry to hear you going through this Staci, I hope you find what you need soon. It surely is a very frustrating experience to go through. We’ve probably have had every test there was out there and been poked and prodded so much that a charge of criminal battery wouldn’t be to surprising.LOL. I’ve been writing a humorous blog as a form of positive therapy for myself. Feel free to drop by if you need a smile.

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