Long and Winding Road

I had my first migraine when I was 22, home from college during winter break. I had no idea what was happening and neither did my doctor. I took 2 aspirins and went to sleep. I woke up without a headache.

Living with migraine

11 years went by while I used this relief. I went to school, worked, and lived with migraines that quit responding to this treatment before I sought help again, this time from a well-known headache clinic.

They prescribed medications that either gave me side effects or didn't work. Another decade went by when a client of mine told me about the headache clinic at a nearby hospital at which she'd had great success.

In remission?

I met a doctor who was up on the latest treatments and nailed it for me. Menopause stopped the migraines and I thought I was home-free. Hormonal therapy brought them back and did not treat the menopause-caused symptoms. My doctor made some changes and relief was mine again though the headaches continued.

Since then he has changed his practice but a former student of his took me on and has added a medication that reduced the frequency and severity of the migraines. While not free of migraine, I don't get those days long, heavy pain filled migraines that used to cut my head in half anymore. I feel very lucky when I read others' stories.

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