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Looking for Answers

8 months ago my wife’s symptoms began. She was experiencing shortness of breath, chest tightness, pain in middle back, sporadic tingling, numbness in and hands and feet and face. She developed fatigue, vertigo, dizziness, fainting, loss of appetite, trouble swallowing and has since lost 40+ pounds. She has been cleared by cardiology and gastroenterology.

Approximately 3 months ago started having a pressure/buzzing sensation in her head, off and on that would last for hours. For the last 4 to 6 it has been constant. She has episodes where one side of her face will go numb and she has speech impairment, slurring her word and drooling and having seizures or convulsing, but still alert and her face will contract on one side, her arm will be rigged and shaking. She had a CT,  CT with contrast and an MRI last week and was kept in hospital for observation over night. No indication of stroke, docs suspects complex migraine.

We’ve been through hell. Emergency room 20 times, paramedics 30 times. Constantly told it’s anxiety. Has even committed herself for a short time at the recommendation of her primary doc, though the systems never go away. Now we are scheduled for a neuro consult in 6 weeks. She is convinced she is dying.

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  • Holly Baddour moderator
    9 months ago

    My goodness- what a complex combination of symptoms your wife is experiencing. I’m so sorry to hear what you both are going through. It sounds like there are so many symptoms happening at once, it must be scary to be looking for answers and not to have found any yet.

    You have clearly been very diligently looking everywhere for answers and help which is your best course of action. We cannot provide medical advice here but can provide information and support.

    From your description, with the seizures, significant weight loss, trouble swallowing, drooling, and shaking, it sounds like she may be experiencing more than migraine. The other symptoms- fatigue, dizziness, partial numbness, temporary loss of appetite, aphasia (challenges with word recall and sometimes slurring), are all symptoms that can be part of migraine disease.

    A neuro consult sounds like a really smart next step though I’m sorry you’re having to wait 6 weeks for it while she is juggling so many troubling symptoms. There is no one that can see her any sooner?

    Here is a link to a directory for migraine specialists- all of whom are also neurologists. Perhaps you’ll find the name of someone in your area who can see you earlier than 6 weeks.

    Thanks for reaching out and please stay in touch. We are thinking of you both.

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