Lost days

I started suffering from migraines after a car accident when I was just 16. And when I get one watch out it is bad, I have literally lost days of my life because of how bad they are or because the drugs need to stop them made me sleep. The longest was 4 days, I lost four days. And when I came around my family just smiled at me and asked me if I was hungry, I didn't even realize the amount of time that had gone by. I have special room darkening shades and drapes in my bedroom.

My two boys who are now grown were left to care for me when they were young, by the time they were teenagers they knew the routine. I have been rushed to the hospital so many times and rushed in to make sure I am not having some type of anyrisum. To them be given a shot that make me sleep 8 to 12 hours. I wake up exhausted from them and it takes several days just to get back to normal. I don't get them as often as I used to but I still get them a couple of times a year.

I recently remarried and my youngest was in high school at the time. My new husband had never seen one of my migraines and didn't know how to help me and was scared to death. My youngest came in helped me off the bathroom floor where my husband found me, put me in bed, gave me my medication, shut all the drapes and shades and told him "Come on, we need to leave her alone" "Don't worry she will be ok". Bless my boys. I am 50 now and not much has changed except now my husband knows what to expect and he has taken over given me my meds and closing the drapes and shades and leaving me alone until it goes away.

So that's is my story, I live with migraines. Its just a part of my life.

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