Means of combat : Part 1 - medication

What to do about chronic headaches? Short but not so sweet : not very much. That is why it is called chronic. But as a human I need hope and there are means that sometimes seem to offer some solace, so in the land of medicines I became a real researcher . The following report is to be considered my personal exploration to oppose the chronic migraine.

It's personal, since that trip, for every chronic migraine sufferer looks different. Is for someone chewing on old bread crusts the remedy against emerging nausea in migraine, for another one is just seeing a crust of bread, or even thinking about it enough for a run to the toilet.

Migraine is the only disease that I know that has medicine and if I use that medicine it gives me migraine. Let's use the next equation: migraine+pill=more migraine.  But sometimes the equation is migraine+pill= no migraine.
This keeps the spirit up a bit , so I keep swallowing those things. This works so well (just ask behavioral experts ) that the main cause of chronic migraine seems to be: “swallowing medicine against migraine ".

Long ago when my migraines started and they were far from chronically, there was no medication at all. My migraine started when I was 11 years and I just celebrated my 60th birthday. Wait patiently until the attack was over and then picking up life again as if there was nothing going on . That's how life was.

Later I took ergotamine, and that was a solution, if I took it in time before the attack. Joy everywhere, until my hands went blue and threatened to fall off, my feet felt like lumps of ice, and you guessed it, I had a terrible headache when i took the pills.

Good advice was expensive, the pharmaceutical industry sent me the triptans .
This helped me also for sometime, I must say, for a fairly long time, until the triptans mainly contributed to the migraines , which now had become chronical.

By now I had arrived at the neurologist who told me that if i used the triptans further more that i would die of an heart attack. Well honestly, by that time, it looked to me not such a bad idea , but the neurologist thought to avoid this by giving me Topomax, an anti-epileptic medicine , also good in preventing migraines. She said it with the enthusiasm of a missionary. Oh yes, why not . I must say, when I snapped the other drugs it fist helped me and I was just getting sicker over time , of the Topomax I was sick from day one. Severe headache was one of the least side effects.

The next one was Depakote, and this worked for a while. Okee it has it's side effects, some days i slept over 14 hours and my legs did not want to do what I ordered them.

So I can go on for a while . The quest of medications looks somewhat like a treasure hunt where you regularly think, " Hey, havent I been here before? "
Fortunately, there are other ways to entertain yourself with chronic migraine. I will tell about that the next time.

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