Meningitis+encephalitis headaches

I contracted first meningitis age 35 developed a rash on back of neck,diagnosis, encephalitis. I am now 58 and still suffering from debilitating headaches, New doctor is interfered with my meds ( oral morphine and diazepam) which were making life bearable,also have cranial osteopathy, which also helps.(which I pay for myself. Recently had full gallbladder surgery and the consultant reviewed my history, putting me on oral morphine 5ml 4times a day same thing with diazepam. First time in 6months my headaches were bearable. New doc has quartered all doses of both, even though I've told him this works for me. Since January this year I've also started getting Labrynthytus, which apart from the dizziness and imbalances also causes earaches and headaches too. All of this has fell on deaf ears, I've been told as I get this frequently it could cause meniers disease!! I feel he isn't listening to me, just interested in general with getting me off all my medication. Anybody else having same problems? Would love to hear what you have to say, What if anything can be done about this????

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