Menstrual Migraine to Chronic Daily Migraine

Hi, I have a long medical history of being sick. I had a spontaneous spinal fluid leak that took 5 years to get fixed. The doctor had to go in and surgically clamp off veins that were taking my spinal fluid. But I am healed now with the exceptional high intracranial pressure headache.

My menstrual migraine

However, ever since I was a teenager, I had menstrual-induced migraines. I went to a headache specialist that is wonderful and he was working with me, but my headache started to get worse and worse.

So, I felt like I needed help from an OBGYN. Even though I had already tried and told her that I was super sensitive to any form of birth control she was insistent that we try the Depo Vera shot. I was ready to just get a hysterectomy knowing this would fix my problem.

Another issue was found...

We ended up doing the Depo Vera shot and it caused everything to become worse. I got chronic daily migraines and horrible pelvic pain where I couldn't even stand up straight it hurt so bad.

After a couple of weeks, I asked for help. She ended up doing laparoscopic surgery and discovered I had adenomyosis and agreed to do a hysterectomy. I was so excited cause this is what I felt was going to fix everything...

The pelvic pain left but the migraines stayed

Fast forward, I got my hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. The pelvic pain is gone. Everything is great. However, I still have horrible chronic daily migraines.

I have to take migraine medicine and pain killers nausea medicine daily and it is horrible. I got my Depo Vera shot on May 27th, 2022 so Aug 27th, 2022 was the 3-month mark.

From what I have read it can take a while for it to get completely out of your system. I am hoping these migraines can get a little better cause it is hard to have any quality of life with it like this.

Thanks for reading my story. Hope it helps you in some way. Good luck with everything.

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