Migraine and me

It was not until one day i lied down my head on my desk in the classroom as I did very often nowadays that I was told I suffer from migraine (by my science teacher).  That was when i was 11. I don't really remember from when I was suffering from it.  May be from the age of 8.  I'd stopped telling my mom about it as she thought only adults get headaches and i was just not keeping myself healthy.I would continue lying down and finally got used to ignoring the pain(at least hiding it).

Whenever it got worse i would cry without anyones notice. It got worse as I got to high school and one day i discussed it with my father and went to the doc to be officially diagnosed with migraine. I take some medications but the triggers are still on.I guess it has been a very faithful friend of mine.  I feel living with a pain adds value or meaning to life.

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