The worst feeling ever....

I have had migraines for 13 yrs, since I had my son. I have had a hysterectomy and multiple botox treatments "to help". It has been 17 weeks since my last botox treatment.

My story is pathetic, the clinic I go to, had 5 neurologists. It is down to 2 and my migraines are raging. I had to go to the ER on Tuesday due to my migraines, I have no pain meds because I am a high stroke risk. Well I went to ER, saw PA, Dr came in all was fine.

Next thing I know 2 men came in "interrogating" me about my migraines. I am not an addict, I come from a strong history of migraine suffers, I have never felt so nasty.

I don't care if I am dying I will not set foot in an er willingly again.

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