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1 day a Week w/no Migranes

I get two migraines a week that last 2 days each....have done so for a decade now. It takes one day to heal the pain in my head, so I get one day off a week from my migraines, and only have to deal w/my 24 hour a day life at all...

I get a kick from hearing stories that "my migraine was only minor today." There are no minor migraines. For me there is only one word to describe migraines; and that is: suicidal....anything less, then it's just a headache. While going through my 2, 2 days each, every week migraines, suicide is understating the pain, but while not having a migraine, suicide is overstating the pain...not sure that makes sense...

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I take 200 30 mil of oxycodone and Imitrex (thank goodness it is now generic, as Imitrex used to cost $175 a month for 9 100 mil pills...absolutely killing our budget, but now it is only $5 -$8 a month...the 200 30 mil oxy pills costs $5 a month...migraines suck...

I have seen a Bio-feedback doctor for 8 years after I went to several neurologists, and every ologist out there for a decade or treatments, no MRI's, no amount of CAT-scans showed anything...hate the darkness...need the light, have no Aura's, just the most absolutely banging in my head that leaves me screaming in pain...I have found that Imitrex has helped...when I throw up, which I do w/each of my migranes, it marks the end of that migraine.

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