Change in weather effects

My migraine triggers can be from a change in the weather, to a strong perfume, to a lot of loud noises. Even some foods will trigger it, although I haven't been able to lock them down yet. A great deal of stress can put me in bed for days. My migraines can range from a simple one- sided pain which started with an aura to a pain so fierce it rivals childbirth or greater. I may have to lie down for 20 minutes to let my medication kick in to being in bed for days with very little relief. I have even had to go to the emergency room and be treated with a powerful pain killer and may even have to have several doses before it goes away..

I have lived with migraines since I was 16 and I am 54 now.

Some things that help is drinking coffee at the onset, eating some dark chocolate. Cold wet wash clothes, Lying in the dark and quiet.

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