Migraine chronicles or can someone send me the scalpel?

I have migraines and have had for so many years that there is so much that goes with them both internally and externally: keeping a job, trying to explain to others what the pain is like (I have decided that's a lost cause ), why so many meds, the inability to be worthwhile a damn on any given day, keeping rooms dark, all that stuff. I think right now my family thinks that I can cure the migraines. They ask can't you get anything stronger for the pain. I hate it when you have to cancel cause of a migraine. It's like explaining quantum physics to a nine-year old. They complain about missed appts., missed work, the spaciness that follows massive drugs or even the pre-headache aura. And then since they can't be stopped like the flu, I get an unfair amount of blame backed by little compassion when I do get a headache. I have a bad back I live with and have for years which is a cause of migraines. I never in my life thought I would be so affected by these two afflictions despite doing both regular doc stuff and alternative meds.

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