Migraine cured

I have suffered with hemiplegic migraine for the last five years. I am male aged 61 in good health, not overweight and take regular exercise. I had no history of migraines until I fell heavily, hitting my head on a bedside table and wrenching my neck. Twelve hours later I developed typical hemiplegic systems and was admitted to hospital as it was thought that I was having a TIA.

After tests etc I was diagnosed as having hemiplegic migraine. Fortunately I have never had any headaches just the paralysis, numbness and speech problems. However they were occurring 3 - 4 times per week which was embarrassing and inconvenient. Imigran helped if I used it as soon as I noticed the initial symptoms, but otherwise I would need to lie down and wait for the symptoms to pass ( approx. 2/3 hours ).

The amazing thing is, that since last week when I banged the top of head really heavily, jarring my neck and spine I have not had any migraines. I can now also twist my head from side to side much more than I could previously.

This latest bang to the head was in effect the opposite of my original accident, it constricted my spine rather than being put under tension. Previously I had tried visiting a chiropractor as I felt that my migraines were related to my neck and if the chiropractor pulled my neck or attempted deep tissue massage that would trigger a migraine. It may be early days but I'm hopeful that my experience may help other sufferers if their migraines have been caused in the same way.

Cautiously optimistic!

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