Migraine equivalent

I was diagnosed with migraine equivalent 5 months after cancer surgery. I had psuedomyoxima peritonae (cancer of the appendix) with a total hysterectomy 12/01. In May I started experiencing symptoms of forgetfulness, anxiety, and panic attacks. I went to the doctor, who sent me to a neurologist. After many medical tests in the hospital, I was diagnosed with Migraine Equivalent

I started taking anti-depressants. The first ones made me much worse, I was having the original anxiety and panic attacks every other day instead of every 5 days. They were much stronger, and the only relief was to go to bed and sleep. Sometimes for 2 days. I woke the next day or so to a foggy feeling all day. It is now over 12 years, and after many hundreds of pills, my GP suggested I try a chiropractor. He has helped a great deal with the symptoms. I no longer have migraines anymore unless I don't sleep well for several days. Not all symptoms are gone, but he hopes that they will eventually. Has anyone else had this diagnosis after a complete hysterectomy?

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