Migraine or something more serious?

I am Rachel and I am 16. The day after thanksgiving of this year I woke up with blindness. I went to 2 different eye doctors and after having several test on my eyes I was admitted to the hospital to have some more tests done. My vision loss was completely black in only my left eye and lasted for 24 hours at first. I had a headache but it wasn't too severe. I had 2 different MRIs a cat scan and a lumbar puncture. Everything coming back totally normal. I was dismissed from the hospital with diagnosis of migraines.

My vision loss came back again in my left eye. Lasting up from 30 minutes to 6 hours on and off. Then I started getting headaches that were absolutely awful stabbing pains lasting from 5-15 seconds. I have missed 3 weeks of school and sometimes can't get out of bed. I have a dull headache that hasn't gone away since I have been dismissed from the hospital and those stabbing pains come about 10+ times a day. I had to get my braces off yesterday so we can do more MRIs hopefully get a better look at everything and am having to repeat my lumbar puncture. I am absolutely miserable. My doctors are calling me a mystery patient and this is just awful, can all of this come from just a migraine? Help, please. I haven't heard or read of anyone experiencing this and feel so alone. MRI done tomorrow- vision still gone :( wish me luck!

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