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Migraine or something more serious?

I am Rachel and I am 16. The day after thanksgiving of this year I woke up with blindness. I went to 2 different eye doctors and after having several test on my eyes I was admitted to the hospital to have some more tests done. My vision loss was completely black in only my left eye and lasted for 24 hours at first. I had a headache but it wasn’t too severe. I had 2 different MRIs a cat scan and a lumbar puncture. Everything coming back totally normal. I was dismissed from the hospital with diagnosis of migraines.

My vision loss came back again in my left eye. Lasting up from 30 minutes to 6 hours on and off. Then I started getting headaches that were absolutely awful stabbing pains lasting from 5-15 seconds. I have missed 3 weeks of school and sometimes can’t get out of bed. I have a dull headache that hasn’t gone away since I have been dismissed from the hospital and those stabbing pains come about 10+ times a day. I had to get my braces off yesterday so we can do more MRIs hopefully get a better look at everything and am having to repeat my lumbar puncture. I am absolutely miserable. My doctors are calling me a mystery patient and this is just awful, can all of this come from just a migraine? Help, please. I haven’t heard or read of anyone experiencing this and feel so alone. MRI done tomorrow- vision still gone 🙁 wish me luck!

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  • Jan Piller
    6 years ago

    Yes – this sounds like migraine but be sure you get everything checked out thoroughly. And yes Paige is right – it helps to know what kind of migraines you’re getting. I hope 2014 brings better health to you.

  • Paige
    6 years ago

    Hello Rachel, I’m also 16 and migraines rule my life to so speak and coming from personal experience you don’t have anything to worry about.
    All this pain your describing can come from a migraine, and the eye vision stuff, is an aura if its before and during the migraine.
    Going to a neurologist would really help, as they’d be able to figure out your migraine type. It is a long wait and very time consuming process but I will tell you it pays off in the end.
    I hope this helps, remember your never alone, there’s always someone out there having similar pain to you.
    PS. MRIs are nothing to worry about, you really shouldn’t be scared just relax and breath. Trust me, I’ve had 4 during my whole life and 2 were for post check brain cancer, both came back clear 🙂
    Hope the migraines get better for you too 🙂

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