No more migraines!

I have a friend who used to have at least one debilitating migraine a month. She has a newborn baby and a two year old and would sometimes have to call her husband to come home from work to look after the kids.

When I found out about her migraines, I offered to help. I work as a neurofeedback therapist and was able to help my friend out at her home. I brought over a neurofeedback unit and taught her how to train her own brainwaves so they would normalize. People with migraines have delta and/or theta waves with too much amplitude. When you learn how to bring down the amplitude of these brainwaves, the migraines go away. She now has no more migraines.

I've been a neurofeedback therapist for ten years. You can find therapists on the internet. Just google "neurofeedback providers". You normally go into their office for treatment, but you may be able to find one that offers home units after an initial training.

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