Rollercoaster Ride on Train Migraine

Life had been hectic but very satisfying after business school — a coveted job, promotions and a new found status. Like a million other independent children of the economic boom, I met and married the man of my dreams. Soon we started a family. Within 3 months of the delivery of our twins, I started to suffer from migraines. Not knowing what this really was, I just thought them to be excruciating headaches that lasted a day or over. I attributed it to stress that came along with raising two infants at a time.

Though I was petite, I had always believed that I was made of strong stuff. This belief was given a shake with the migraines I repeatedly encountered. I started to get 2-day migraines 2-3 times a week! That left me with no energy to raise a young family, let alone think of joining back the workforce. I consulted a doctor who eventually diagnosed the symptoms as ‘Migraine”.

In the next three years, I went from debilitating pain to dizziness, visual distortions, vomiting, and palpitations. After following a spate of therapies from allopathic to spiritual healing and everything in between through the next seven tremendously long years, I understood what worked for me and what didn’t. Today, 12 years on I still get migraines once a month but they are milder, infrequent and I can still go about the activities of the day without giving up too much of my life or hope.

Some wonder therapies that have worked the magic for me are — Aerobics, Pranayama, Spirituality, taking up a hobby (believe it or not!), A wise diet, CAM therapies (2 of them actually) and of course saying Yes to life!

You may read my book Migraines For The Informed Woman — Tips From A Sufferer. It is available through

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