After 35 years, my migraines stopped 3 weeks ago.

It took me a few years to realize that cheese triggered my migraines but I had them for unknown reasons too. Eventually I avoided all molds like mushrooms and wine and that helped a little. They got more frequent and lasted longer.

About 10 years in I decided to start on preventative medication. I went thru 15 years of Verapamil, added Imitrix when it first came out, went on to Elavil with imitrix and got overweight with heart problems and depression. Twelve years ago I switched to Topamax and was told to eliminate all food triggers on this long list. Over the years I learned that soy was the worst trigger.

It took a lot of time, research and self denial but what I want to share is that after 35 years of missing out on life, by getting all forms of soy out of food, cosmetics, medications, hand lotion, detergent, even giving up corn because it is genetically modified with soybeans, suddenly one day I had no more migraines. Is it hard to not eat anything? Yes. But is it worth it to be free of migraines finally at 63 years old? I think so. I just wish I had know to try this 35 years ago and could have enjoyed my younger years without being in pain so much of the time.

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