Migraine treatment "non-help"

Hi, I suffer from chronic migraine headaches ( 20+ per month). Many times feel headache symptoms oncoming, so take meds (Maxalt), which normally alleviates symptoms. Occasionally, headache will preservere and take another tab. If this does not stop headache, will then either head up to physician's office or hospital E.R. For 60 Mg Toradol injection. More often than not, this will do the trick. If, on occasion, these aborts have no success (many times lately) I quickly become nauseous and headache pain increasing exponentially. Have no choice, but, be admitted to hospital E.R. My difficulty has been that at this point there are no current migraine treatments that will stop migraine. Only medicine I have found effective is either occipital nerve block or injection of morphine w/ gravel. Several occasions I am confronted with physician that beliefs are morphine is not migraine protocol therefore does not issue medicine. Go thru several hours of agony because traditional migraine treatments have no effect. Physician finally gives in, am administered morphine w/ gravel - within 15-20 min my headache has subsided to a level I can manage and am released to go home and rest. Why do some med professionals not see incredible pain am suffering and issue proper treatment. If had broken bone, for instance, would be immediately prescribed proper med to make condition bearable. Have had dr's instructive note from my physician advising E.R. Staff how to treat my condition should I arrive in that state. Have filed complaint with ministry of health on this seemingly empathetic treatment. Any comments on how to achieve proper help without suffering needless hrs of excruciating pain would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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