Migraine Triggers & Symptoms

My migraines started when I was a kid. (I'm 53 now) I would start getting dizzy and would end up with a headache that would make me throw up. Back then, you didn't hear about migraines or at least in my family you didn't. Whenever my mom made hot dogs, I'd get one. As I got older I would get them right before my period would start. When I breastfed my two daughters I got them a lot. Now my pattern is neck pain going into the back of my head then I get Vertigo. I have way more bowel movements than normal just prior to an attack. My eyes get extremely sensitive to light. I've been driving on the freeway and had the sun reflect on the car in front of me and BOOM I lose the vision in the middle of my right eye. The same thing can happen with a smell. Perfume, cigars, some flowers, and some foods will bring one on. I've tried many, many medications. The one that seems to help now is Imitrex Nasal Spray. I've taken the Imitrex pills and self given injections too. Does anyone else get Vertigo with their migraines?

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