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My migraine experience goes back to 1962 and fortunately was mostly a very occasional thing. Over the years the triggering thing never became obvious, however, in the 1980’s I noticed a common thread seemed to be a disappointment in something I was doing, even a trivial disappointment. A strong dose of aspirin taken soon in the eye aura stage seemed to help. I became a serious jogger and discovered that going out for my run with an eye aura trying to come on would stop the process and the migraine headache would not develop. In the 1990s I became interested in Dr. John E. Sarno’s observations expressed in a TV interview with Larry King and his writings. Especially his 1998 book, THE MIND BODY PRESCRIPTION, Healing the Body, Healing the Pain, got my serious study. In it he mentioned his personal experience with migraine. I followed the solution he described (page 112) and it worked for me. Pasted below is a reduced abstract from Dr. Sarno on that page:

"I suffered from migraine . . . psychological factors were very common . . . I was receptive to that idea. The next time the premonitory "lights" began (the migraine vision aura), I sat down and thought about what anger I might be repressing, but at the time I had no idea. However, to my astonishment the headache never came. Nor have I ever had another migraine headache, though I have continued to have the "dancing lights" to this day. The "lights" tell me that I am repressing anger, and sometimes I have to think very hard to figure out the reason for the anger. Often it is obvious."

I would add that it doesn't seem necessary to clearly identify the anger being repressed to thwart the migraine. My experience quite perfectly reflects Dr. Sarno’s in that I continue to have the "dancing lights" occasionally but to this day, and going through the doctor’s suggested thoughts, the headache does not come.

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