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Good Day,

To start let me tell you I can count on one hand how many headaches I had, before 5/14/2010.

Then I took a dive down 22 steps at work(hence the title). The headaches started immediately. After neck surgery to repair a blown disk, the severity seemed to decrease. After all the doctors and the pills they threw at me (almost killed me) they havn't gone away.

I keep a low grade headache ALL the time (1-3). Then I get these, what I call flash headaches, where it feels like someone is stabbing me in the side of my head. They last anywhere from 20-30 seconds. When this happens I lose sight in what ever side of my head the pain is. This happens frequently through the day, and has awakened me from sleep. When I lose my sight I see white spirals and nothing else out of that eye. (Imagine that, driving 70 MPH)

Other times I get severe (7-9) headaches that last for hours. I like those the best. Lets me know I'm alive.

So far the only "Drug" to help is perc's and we all know what they can do to you.

After a job I loved and a great career, now the high light of my day is taking the dog for a walk.

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