Migraines After 4 Years of Hardly Any

Hi Guys,

I have come here to know that I am not alone and that weirdly gives me comfort.

I started with aura migraines when I was around 12. I had the numbness down 1 side of my face arm and hand, the zig-zag lines in my eye, ringing in my ears, and sickness. I used to get 1 a month then had I got older they went to around 1 every 2 weeks. When I was pregnant with my first I had them throughout the pregnancy but as soon as she was born they disappeared and I had just 1 a year then 4 years later they came back again. I fell pregnant with my son then again they stopped and went to 1 a year now he's turning 4 at the end of this month and they have started again more frequently. I had 1 2 weeks ago and another 1 today. I haven't done anything different from what I normally do over those 4 years of hardly any migraines so I cant seem to find the trigger. I eat chocolate but have done over those 4 years I have been stressed over the 4 years more stressed then normal but that didn't bring them on so I am wondering if anyone can help me with what has caused it to come back after 4 years after my child was born? Any advice will be grateful.

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