Migraines and Arthritis

No fun for sure is basically the nice way to put it.


I have had migraines 24/7 for 20-plus years. I have had 1 stroke and 1 mini stroke because of a huge mega migraine I didn't understand at the time. And I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders, going down my back, etc. So, I try to stay active.


The fight to stay active is hard some days more than others because of my migraines or my arthritis. Daily chores become a fight.
Taking care of the home also seems far away.


I have a great day! I cleaned the house! I walked! But according to my Fitbit 2,000 steps is not enough... you don't understand how far that is for me!


A migraine attacks... my dark room calls my name. I take a pill and hope to head it off at the pass and lay down with an ice pack. 4 hours later I awake with nothing done, guilt hits me like a wave.

But I still haven't walked further than 2,000 steps I tell myself! Ache after ache hurt as I decide to prepare the dinner that is calling at this hour... I talk and eat with my kids as my appetite evaporates. My head is still throbbing but I'd miss these moments otherwise.

What works for me

I take Topiramate to prevent the migraines. It was at its peak dosage about 5-6 months ago and working great, I thought, up to that point.

It had to be reduced in dosage because unfortunately, it was doing something to my vision. I couldn't see out of my eye that I had a stroke on. About a week and a half after stopping the high dosage the vision came back, very (very) blurry for a month or so, and then so came all the headaches...

At my last appointment with the neurologist, he decided to try a nerve block on the back of my neck because of medical problems. It's helped with the headaches so far. He wants me to get into physical therapy which I am currently trying to get into.

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