Migraines and Medical Mysteries

My first set of concussions ocurred at age 15 to 17. I had my head banged into a wall repeatedly by a rapist/so called family member who continued to assault me for months. In high school after passing out I was sent home and questioned about doing drugs. Consider those the first set of TBI.'s. Multiple car accidents assisted with the injuries in back, neck, and head area. Longterm chronic pain in lower back and neck, at one point causing urge incontinence and inability to walk, so many discs were effected by those injuries that also have effected the spine/cord into the brainstem etc. At one time I sneezed and I was on my face unable to move, the ambulance had to come.

It was thought that I might have been having petite mal seizures, after I started losing my peripheal vision, having olfactory issues, with psychomotor agitation, the eye doctor thought I had Optic Neuritis. The MRI's showed multiple Brain Lesions yet MS was not ruled out, spinal tap not done, menieries syndrome not looked into etc. and the Neuro Dr said that the arm/hand punching & leg twitches were "stress related" so certain unexplained symptoms continue till today. Only now there is the fibromyalgia, and frequent ER visits when my back or legs go out and the pain is unbearable. There is the tens unit, the canes, the pain meds, the anxiety meds, and the sciatica nerves on top of the other nerves or neuro-transmitting malfunctions.

Going to occupational and physical therapy to learn how to better walk again was exhausting. Someone had to drive me. I was told I am in the 2% rare condition population with the diagnose of "Vestibular Migraines with Aura". When I get these silent migraines, usually 15 + times a month, I experience Vertigo, light, sound, smell, and movement sensitivities, nautiousness, my speech becomes slurred, cognitive or executive functioning gets impaired, the severity or degree always differs. Should I not take the pill form meds at onset they dont work, so I end up having to sleep the migraine off for lengthy periods of time. However, the dissolvable meds work the best which were an uncovered cost of over $500 for ten.

Recently I ended up in the ER for the difficulty walking and pain. The EKGs MRIs Vision Field Tests, Neuro, and other multitude of doctor appointments or testings just add to my migraines. I still wonder to this day why a spinal tap was not done, and how the brain lesions effect the neurological or neurotransmissions in my brain, and question MS or other syndromes magnified by ptsd etc. Physchiatrists just want to force the pyschotropic or other meds which nearly killed me, and the anxiety could be connected to the autoimmune disorders or be impacted by the neurological migraine disorder. Basically I give up on the primary diagnose. I have a list of diagnoses and none still conclusivley explain many symptoms. I just know when I have a migraine usually functioning is not an easy task. When I am without migraines chronic stress keeps me going, and I balance the other 15 days of the month with positive activities or meditation, reading and praying. My mom had cerebral palsy, family members have suffered with migraine conditions, and my son has essential tremors. Neurologically speaking, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, MS, other Neuro conditions simply means I have a Brain Disorder so deal with it and find peace and joy in between the pain and suffering.

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