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I have had headaches all my life (I had a head injury at 2-1/2). My first "classic" migraine (that I remember) appeared when I was 8 mo pregnant with my first child (I experienced a visual aura that preceeded the pain). I experienced them occasionally until 12/2004. I had a migraine that did not abate until 4/2005. The intensity fluctuated from day to day, but it was always there. I had my eyes checked; I was tested for allergies; I had a general exam, a CAT scan of my brain and a trip to the neurologist with all the samples of different medications that made me also as sick as the migraine and only lasted a finite amount of time. Only narcotics gave some relief, even if it was only transitory. Of course, I would be asleep...

Since then, my migraines last from a day to months. My tolerance for head pain has increased dramatically (good thing since I don't have that much leave). I've had the fluorescent lights disconnected above my desk and my sunglasses are a clue to my coworkers that my headache is cranked. I've try to avoid medication so much as possible since I'm also dealing with elevated liver numbers. NSAIDs are also out due to GERD. I have found that I have a number of triggers but that none of them are consistant (if I eat this I will ALWAYS get a migraine as a result). I have an appointment in July with a clinic in Baltimore since it has been several years since I explored treatment options. I don't like telling my husband when my head hurts because he gets angry at the situation (but I am the only target handy..."They should be able to Do something about those headaches.")

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