A Growing Weedy Vine

My migraines started when I was about 21. I would get a pain on the left side of my head that slowly grew, until I couldn't function. If I was at work, I usually would end up by not reaching home before I would vomit. Once home, my only remedy was to lie down and think positive thoughts. This type occurred once or twice a year.

As I got older I learned to keep my stomach calm, by a kind of meditation that I learned, but they also became more frequent, once a month. I would also get regular headaches in between. Eventually I found myself only working and dealing with the headaches.

I tried many medications but non worked. My doctor eventually put me on oxycontin and that started to give me a life. We both agreed on a maximum dosage and I've never asked for higher. Now I can go to most things, but I'm anxious about taking plane trips.

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